Philip Seymour Hoffman

On my birthday, February 2nd, I heard the terribly sad news about the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman. He was and is one of the great actors of our age. He, also, by all accounts, in the bulk of his adult life seemed to be a very sweet and good human being.

There's an intensity to every single performance that made him perfect for every part. This power of his seemed to us mere mortals as nothing short of superhuman. But, we learned too late that he was all too human. He struggled in the real world, as do we all. And his time on planet ended, for us, far too soon.

This month is February Album Writing Month (, and while looking for inspiration to write on of at least 14 songs I need to write this month, I decided to write a song about Philip; not knowing him personally my song required some assumptions and my own artistic projection. 


Poet's Highway by SimeonPeebler

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