New Songs...Vaporware?

No, not vaporware. Careful readers will notice that I've been distracted by other stuff in recent eras. On some level, I left music for a bit, but music never left me. Moving multiple times to accommodate a brilliant son's school journey, and now seeing him off to university, plus an abundance of day-job stress, et cetera. We all have stuff going on. We're all facing existential dread in between moments of presence. This is the pattern of life.

But today is a new day. And I have more to say, more to write, more to sing, more to share. I am a mirror waiting to reflect the ambient light of the universe to my fellow travelers. Let's be good, be kind, be helpful, be silly, be serious, and be ourselves.

And yes, there SHALL be new album of folk songs by this funny hearted kid who is more gray than not, but still open to experience the world like a newborn does. Taking it all in, and giving what I can, when I can, without regret.


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