New album "Missing Anchor" cover revealed!

Nine songs. I feel like a sculpture, back in the day. When artists used a hammer and a pick to find some kind of human image hidden inside a large block of granite...that was patient, difficult work. So to, am I chiseling away. We're finding this album, song-by-song, note-by-note, tracking session-by-tracking session. There's still more to be done...Cello. Some piano. Final lead vocals. But it's taking shape, and it's a thrill beyond words to hear what started out earlier this year with me barely rendering an idea for a song on guitar -- following my scratchy lyric notes in my little notebook -- but now, in the end, becoming something completely sonically realized. Drums, guitars, bass, piano, accordion, backing vocals...and even a ukulele for a track. It is sounding great.

I have many people to thank along the way. World-class Chicago musicians and an audio engineer who is brilliant. It’s a team effort. There are even still more who will contribute to this thing before it's done this fall...I will post a full list of credits in a future update so that it will be very clear who we have to thanks and/or blame for this thing, but I wanted to share with you what the cover is looking like these days (designed by a long-time friend and collaborator who is of course mentioned in the credits!):



"Missing Anchor" is the name of the album. It will be self-released this year, sooner rather than later, in some sort of typical simultaneous digital and physical fashion.

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"Missing Anchor" track list:


What Remains


Healing Hearts

I Will Not Leave

Stack the Gold

Birthday Home

All it Takes

Missing Anchor


Thanks for following these adventures!

-Simeon "Simon" Peebler

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