Still kicking!

Well, the it's been a long time since I've updated entries to this blog but it's certainly not a reliable sign of inactivity. I've been writing new songs, doing local shows, traveling, and preparing for my third solo album to finally get out into the world.

This year has been one of great change, but aren't they all? Sure, I'm an outspoken critic of politicians, and continue to be activist in my art, but we certainly have a gold leaf frame to wrap around our current serious complaints. Finding peace and presence when there's so much anger in the air, including my own, has been tricky, but spending a summer making sure our own house is in order has been rewarding and positive. Two new rescue dogs occupy the vacancy left by our beloved Hercules who left us almost a year ago to the great dog house in the sky. School for the seventh grade man child in our home has been going extremely well. We are healthy, and fighting to be happy, and that's a lot of currency in the bank of life.

Stay tuned for more shows, more music, and exciting new projects ahead as we near the tail end of 2017 and venture forth into the wild frontiers of tomorrow.


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