Been Forever

It has been forever since I've posted a blog entry on this site. I have plenty of excuses. I have a very select audience, so it's not like I have requests pouring in.

Anyway, I've been writing a lot this year and doing it more privately than I have in the past. What i mean by that is in years gone by I'd eagerly write a song on Monday, record it on Tuesday, and post it online on Wednesday. That's no way to craft something that is the kind of work I want to be known for. Sure, a few times, here and there, that process can work out fine. But by spending more time with my art in the creating side of things, I can really pound out the rough edges, and sincerely process the work so that it can become something greater than it's constituent parts. 

Part of the path leading me in this direction has been taking online songwriting workshop with extraordinary songwriter Peter Himmelman. I've really been honing my work in a way that I never before did since joining up with him to do this. It's not always fruitful to spend time chiseling away at something that is cracked to begin with, but in this situation, learning to sit down and learn to edit more than I have in the past...well, that's worth something to me at this moment in my journey as an artist. I started this crazy pursuit thinking, I don't have enough time -- I'm starting too late! -- I'm no whipper snapper! -- but now, I"m like, the best writing is deliberate and slowly cooked, and I can learn how to cook dammit!

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