Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tonys Acceptance Sonnet

I was really moved by Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tonys acceptance Sonnet, which reflected upon the terrible tragedy in Orlando on 6/12/2016.

Here's his Sonnet:

"My wife’s the reason anything gets done
She nudges me towards promise by degrees
She is a…


New Music in 2016

Well, I'm about to cast the die. I've been working on writing and recording new music for a while, and given the time that has passed and the amount I enjoy writing on a regular basis, it's a surprise that…


NPR 2016 Tiny Desk Contest

I recently submitted an entry to NPR's 2016 Tiny Desk Contest. Have you heard of it?

Me along with many thousands of other indie bands and singer-songwriters will enter this second year of the contest. The grand prize winner gets…


Flint Water Song

I wrote this song yesterday and recorded it for sharing last night. It's called the "Flint Water Song" -- and it tells a bit of the narrative behind the man-made disaster to hit Flint Michigan these past two years. Governor…


As Time Goes By

Did you know that the song "As Time Goes By" featured in the 1942 film Casablanca (my favorite movie), was written in 1931 by Herman Hupfeld, and featured an introductory passage that was left out of later versions? I think…


Take Down Your Flag

A young white man walked into a black church with deadly intention. Nine people were killed by the gun he used on them that terrible night.

Two days later, folk songwriter Peter Mulvey wrote this song on the evening of…


February Album Writing Month 2015

It's done! Well, February is done, at least. For now. This year I participated in a cool world-wide project called February Album Writing Month. Anybody can sign up and join in the fun. The goal is write and record and…


2015, Let's Do This!

Happy New Years, friends! Time to get much to do. First off, new album. I have ten tunes for this one. With the help of John Abbey, Gerald Dowd, Scott Stevenson, and Dave Nelson, along with an assortment of…


New Album Update

Just a heads up!...My third album will be recorded by Chicago legend and accomplished musician, producer, engineer and teacher John Abbey. In the process of working with John, he has paired me up with a stellar team of musicians to…


How to Not Write Songs

Since there's an abundance of advice out there on writing songs and step-by-step guides, I thought it would be helpful to go in the other direction on this issue.

It is important in the process of not writing songs to…


Heading Toward 2015!

I like this weather in Chicago. Sunny, upper 50s. Low-to-no tree pollen in the air. Migratory birds flying overhead finally deciding to get the hell out of Dodge...before the return of the Vortex! (looks for wood to knock, hoping not…