Who's Gonna Stand Up (And Save the Earth?)

Neil Young just released a new song called this week called "Who's Gonna Stand Up (And Save the Earth?" and I have done my own interpretation. I have been thinking a lot about the environment and how I can confront these important issues in my own songwriting. I've already written about man-made natural disasters (the Gulf oil spill, in "Oil's Done Come"), but a broader message required more noodling. But then Neil unleashes this song on us, and it hits all the notes, and the message, and reminder, that we have to be stewards of this world, we are a people called "earth" is pretty much right on the mark.

The original versions he released are excellent, so I sought to find my own way through the song. It's a beautiful, simple tune, and like all of Neil's songs, powerful and to the point.

For the full lyrics and information about the song, go to neilyoung.com.

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