Heading Toward 2015!

I like this weather in Chicago. Sunny, upper 50s. Low-to-no tree pollen in the air. Migratory birds flying overhead finally deciding to get the hell out of Dodge...before the return of the Vortex! (looks for wood to knock, hoping not to jinx us, as last winter was too cold for too long, and it led to one of the worst allergy seasons in recent memory)

So, just as the air is cooling down, things are heating up for me. Highlights: at the end of October I'll be doing private showcases at the Folk Alliance Region Midwest conference in St. Louis. In November I will be performing at an event for an important community arts group, and on top of that also once again participating in Chillfest Chicago (organized and sponsored by many groups and local businesses but most directly the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce).

When December comes I'll be doing a show at the Elbo Room to support a great Folk artist from Canada (Gunner and Smith), and a Chicago Acoustic Underground showcase at one of the best sounding rooms in the city, Mayne Stage (that show is on Wednesday December 10th). Post-Mayne Stage I'll be heading to Austin, Texas in December to have some adventures down there before 2014 lets out. Finally, I'm recording my next album with John Abbey here in Chicago (be on the look out for a release show early next year!?).

Safe travels over the holidays my friends! -- See you soon!

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