February Album Writing Month 2015

It's done! Well, February is done, at least. For now. This year I participated in a cool world-wide project called February Album Writing Month. Anybody can sign up and join in the fun. The goal is write and record and share 14 songs during the month. The past few years I met the goal, but in 2015 I ended up with only eight. But I'm not complaining -- eight new songs is a big deal. These songs may never exist outside of the context of this creative push, but who knows, they might end up on the NEXT album project. One of the great things about FAWM (fawm.org if you want to check it out yourself!), is having a chance to share your music with others and to encourage their greatness too. Lots of friends from around the States jumped in. All in, over 10,000+ songs were written during FAWM 2015!...here are my eight:


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