Pete Seeger

At the beginning of this week I saw that Mark Dvorak was announcing a new Pete Seeger class to be held at Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. I signed up right away (the class begins in March); that very evening news came that Pete had passed away. Tuesday many of my Folk friends who knew Pete directly or had played music with him, or who had otherwise been inspired by him, posted tributes online. All were beautiful and heartfelt. Personal testaments to one truly great human being who changed the world and encouraged us all to join in: participate and play our part.

Pete Seeger inspired me to sing songs about important things and push into subjects that are worth singing about. As I continue to grow as a songwriter and performer, I will do my best to follow this example. My next step on this journey is breaking down the wall between me as the performer and the listening audience. Sing along friends! This music belongs to each and every one of us!

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