It's Almost May!?

In the past few weeks I've had some "good" stress. I had a Thursday night show last week at The Original Mother's in Chicago where I performed a full set of mostly new material (opening for astronomically great Brooklyn-based "Les Racquet" and a rock trio from Canada called "Autopilot"). Also in the "good" stress department, I just heard from NXNE that I have been selected to be on the music showcase stand by list -- which means they may contact me at any point over the next few weeks and I'll be quickly making arrangements to perform up at NXNE in Toronto in late June. Keeping fingers crossed as that would be amazing!

While I await word from NXNE and some other possible musical adventure opportunities, this week I've been nailing down details for some other upcoming shows: I'll be opening up the CAU Showcase at Mayne Stage in August and I'm booked for the September edition of Larry O'Dean's Folk You! series at Horseshoe. I am booking studio time at Handwritten Recording in Chicago to do some more demos in my grand plan of producing a new full-band third album to release before the end of 2014. Finally, I signed up for the Folk Alliance Region Midwest conference in St. Louis this October. The past two times I've attended the regional conference I learned so much and connected with so many wonderful new music friends.

I am so grateful for the show's I've already had this year so far at Chicago area venues including the Abbey Pub, Uncommon Ground, Windy City Inn, The Friendly Tap, and Silvie's Lounge. Thanks for your continued support at these venues! It means the world to me. As a reminder, you can always catch some of my most recent works-in-progress on SoundCloud at

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