New Music in 2016

Well, I'm about to cast the die. I've been working on writing and recording new music for a while, and given the time that has passed and the amount I enjoy writing on a regular basis, it's a surprise that this is only my third album rather than my fifth or sixth.  But the path has been forged, and summer 2016 is the true drop zone for "Fire and Steam". Continuing work with John Abbey at Kingsize Sound Labs in Chicago to record this effort has been a huge learning experience for me on how to work with a band of artists, how to arrange my writing better, how to make the most of a limited schedule and budget, and how to accept that on a shoestring I'm not going to create a big budget masterpiece. But instead what I've been working on sounds much greater than the sum of its parts. Like all artists I ping pong between loving and hating my work, but the time it has taken since 2012's "Missing Anchor" has been well spent I think. Tomorrow, if all goes well, you'll get to hear a sneak peek track called "Arbor Day". Thanks as always for your support and interest in my music and art. 

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