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"With his leftist lyrical bent, crisp acoustic folk, and punchy rock attitude, Simeon Peebler traces a clear lineage to protest music of the ’60s. “I Will Not Leave” is the earnest outcry of the Occupy movement, with Peebler’s voice and acoustic guitar ringing with determination." - Illinois Entertainer, April 2013

Get the album Missing Anchor here! We invite you to listen to new songs about Trayvon Martin, Occupy Wall Street, Abraham Lincoln, greed, healing hearts and surviving the waterfalls we all face in life.

You can also get Missing Anchor on iTunes:

Missing Anchor - Simeon Peebler

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Check out my first full album from November of 2011, Follow the River Bend! Follow this link and you can listen to my original acoustic / folk / singer-songwriter album for free or buy a digital download from Bandcamp.com, the best place to support independent music! 

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Simeon Peebler

Chicago, Illinois

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  • Aug 23
    The Grand Tour,  Chicago
  • Sep 19
    Windy City Inn,  Chicago